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Master Bobby Morales is chief instructor and owner of Knockout Martial Arts. He is a World Taekwondo Federation international and national level coach for the sport of Olympic Taekwondo. His current rank is 4th Dan and will be promoting again soon. He is, also certified by Kukkiwon (the headquarters of Taekwondo for the world) as a Foreign Master Instructor. Many Americans can achieve master level, but may not be certified to teach by Kukkiwon. In other words, Master Morales would be able to teach in Korea the motherland of Taekwondo.

Master Morales began his Taekwondo journey under Grandmaster Chun Woo Lee in Roesemead, CA. Grandmaster Lee is his Taekwondo father and taught the true art of Taekwondo to him. He later embarked into the sport side of Taekwondo and with his grandmaster's blessing, he began his journey of the sport under Master/Coach David Kang and 2000 Olympic Head Coach Grandmaster Young In Cheon. They were kind enough to take him in and he is forever grateful. Master Morales has a major love for the sport of Taekwondo, as well as the traditional art of Taekwondo. He tries to learn from the best and surround himself with the best. In 2011, he began competing again and continued to the age of 49, but was slowed down due to injuries. He vows to try again at 52 years young! He does this not for the medals, but to test his theories out. In his quest to be the best, he is always looking to improve for the betterment of his students, athletes and country. 

Master Morales also holds ranks to instruct in Kumdo (Korean version of the Japanese sword Kendo), Hapkido & American Kenpo. 

Coaching National & International Experience:

2017 WT Presidents Cup (G2) - Coached Janel Pido to Bronze and Sommer Jones to quarter finals.

2017 Canada Open (G1) - Coached Sommer Jones to her first victory in round of 16 and first senior international competition, She took Gold in the Junior division.

2017 Costa Rica Open (G1) - Coached Olympian Charlotte Craig to Bronze.

2017 Luxembourg Open (G1) - Coached Jonathan Healy to Gold, Kayla Morales, Matt Foong & Omar Snaili to round of 16.

2016 WTF Presidents Cup (G2) - Coached Cadet World Champion Melanie Diaz to Gold and earn the wild card spot to the 2017 Junior Pan Am Championships.

2016 Binacional Games (Tijauna, MX) - Head coach of California AAU/USA Team that earned 7 gold, 3 silver & 3 bronze.

2016 Junior World Championships Team trials - Unfortunately Ms. Kayla Morales was badly injured going into trials and could not train properly.

2016 Senior Pan Am Championship Team trials - Coached Olympian Charlotte Craig (fly weight) to A Team and Samantha Leong (bantam weight) to B Team.

2016 Mexico Open (G1) - Coached Ms. Samantha Leong to finals (Silver).

2015 Pan Am Open Championship (G1) - Coached 3 USA athletes to Finals. Olympian Mark Lopez to Silver, Olympian Charlotte Craig to Bronze) and 1 Junior USA athlete, Kayla Morales to Bronze (her first international event). 

2015 USA World Championship Team Trials - Coached & trained Ms. Samantha Leong, to her first ever USA National Team. This was our first year at senior trials. 

2015 Mexico Open (G1) -  Coached USA athlete Samantha Leong to Semi Finals (Bronze) & Peru athlete to Quarterfinals.

2014 Pan Am Open Championship (G1) - Coached 4 Brazilian athletes to Finals & Semi Finals (Gold, Silver & 2 Bronze) and 1 USA athlete to Semi Finals (Bronze).   

2014 Mexico Open (G1) - Coached Egyptian athlete Mahmoud Said to Finals (Silver) & 2 USA athletes to quarter finals & 1 athlete to round of 16.

2014 Costa Rica Open (G1) - Coached Brazilian athlete Talisca Reis to Semi Finalis (Bronze), 1 USA athlete Samantha Leong to Quarter finals and Guyana to round of 16.

2014 Korea Open (G2) - Coached California Team of USA athletes to Korea. Samantha Leong to quarter finals.

2014 Coached Claudia Navarrete to USA Junior World Championship B Team, 1 USA Cadet A Team & 1 USA Cadet B Team.

2014 Qualified 2 Seniors, Samantha Leong (Female bantam National Champion) & Taylor Smith (male welter finalist) to World Championship Team trials.

2013 Pan Am Open Championships - Coached Team USA Cadet athlete Claudia Navarrete to Gold.

2013 Coached Cadet athlete Claudia Navarrete to the first USA Cadet National Team.

Personal Competition Experience:

2015 Competed at USAT State Qualifier Utah - Gold in the Sparring Ultra division & Gold in Poomse  

2013 Competed at USAT National Qualifier/State Championship Las Vegas, NV - Silver medal finalist in the Senior division (18-32 year old, welter weight) and Gold medal in the Ultra division (40-49 year old, middle weight)

2012 Competed at USAT National Qualifier/State Championship Las Vegas, NV - Gold medal in the Senior division (18-32 year old, welter weight) and Gold medal in the Ultra division (40-49 year old, middle weight)

2011 Competed at USA Nationals. Bronze medallist, Ultra division

2011 Competed at the USAT Regional National Qualifier, San Jose, CA. Silver medal finalist in the Senior division (18-32 year old, welter weight) and Gold medal in the Ultra division (40-49 year old, middle weight) 


Mr. Daniel Jordan - 3rd Dan

Demo Team Co-Captain 



Mr. Isac Mosher - 3rd Dan 
Competition Assistant Sparring Coach 
Demo Team Co-Captain


 Assistant Instructors


Ms. Kayla Morales - 2nd Dan

2016 Junior World Championship Team Trials

2015 USA Junior B Team Member

2014 USA Cadet B Team member


Ms. Claudia Navarrete - 2nd Dan

2014 USA Junior World Championship Team Alternate

2013 US National Cadet A Team member


Ms. Cristina Navarrete - 1st Dan

2014 US National Cadet A Team member


Junior Instructors



Mr. Cesar Navarette - 1st Dan




NEXT BELT TESTING Saturday, April 11, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.

BLACKBELT TESTING Saturday, December 5, 2020 at 1 p.m.