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Results from the inaugural USA Taekawondo Grand Slam series

Ms. Kayla, Makenzie & Gian reached the finals of the first ever Grand Slam series. Only the top people in the country our invited to this event to see who is the best of the best. While Ms. Kayla and Mr. Gian fell short in the finals (Ms. Kayla fought in the senior division & Gian in the Cadet division), they fought well leading up to it. They defeated several other top opponents to get the finals. As for Ms. Makenzie, she had been number one in the nation at -44 and earned a spot on the World Cadet Championship Team. She moved up in weight to -47 for this event and beasted! She is now the first ever 2019 Cadet Grand Slam Champion.

Our other Cadet athletes that competed at the Grand Slam were LoRalie MacGregor, Daniel Park & Jack Jones. Ms. LoRalie advanced to the semifinals, but lost in the final seconds. Next up was our newest player Daniel Park. In only his second competition with us, he fell short to the eventual champion in quarterfinals. Last but not least, was our other newest player Jack Jones. He won his first match, but also fell in quarterfinals to the eventual Champion. We are extremely proud of everyons effort and have no doubt they will reach the top of the podium soon. Next major event will be the US Open an international event for Black belts only.

Congratulations USA National Team Member Ms. Kayla!
The qualifying period to earn a spot on the World Championship Team was September 18, 2018 thru March 31, 2019. Ms. Kayla had to fight at several events to earn ranking points. The higher you medal, the more points you receive. If she finished number one by the end of the period, she would be named National Team member. Ms. Kayla began this period with the bullseye on her back having finished 2018 number one and earning All American status. Having to travel a lot, she went on to fight and win the Gold medal at the Las Vegas International Open, Colorado, MInnesota, Hawaii and Washington State Championships giving her the necessary points and number one ranking in the US! Ms. Kayla will be representing us and the community at the World Championships in Manchester, England May 15-19. Her designated fight day is Friday, May 17, 2019. Let's go Ms. Kayla & Team USA!
webfrontpage/kayla.ready2fight.JPG  webfrontpage/kayla.fight.JPG


Latest happenings from Team Knockout
Our Team has been very busy traveling and competing all over this country. Our first compettion for the 2019 season was at the Colorado State Championships. We took a small, but strong team made up of black belts Ms. Kayal, Ms. Janel, Mr. Gian & red belt Aidan. They all fought hard and won Gold in dominating fashion! Next, was the prestiges US Open, an international event for black belts only. Ms. Makenzie, last years US Open Champion, cameback to defend her title, but in a new weight class. She fell short in overtime to earn Bronze. Her younger sister, LoRalie, fought for the first time as a cadet (ages 12-14) and was Golden after earning Silver the previous year in the youth division. Our next event with the team was the Nevada Sate Championships where black belts Makenzie & LoRalie won Gold and balck belt Sabrina earned Bronze. Our color belts Sydney and Joshua received Gold, Nolan took Silver and Aidan earned Bronze. It was Nolan and Joshua's first USAT competition.That same weekend our other black belt teammates were in Texas for the Texas Open. Ms. Janel made it to the finals, but fell short and earned Silver. Mr. Gian made it to the semifinals to bring home Bronze. Ms. Kayla fell short in quarterfinals by geting scored on with 12 seconds left and just missing the medal rounds. Next, came the Washington State Championships. We had 5 black belts attend this one, and once again, all dominated their opponents to come home with 5 Gold medals. Our Gold medal winners were Mr. Gian, Ms. Kayla, Ms. Janel, Ms.Makenzie & Ms. LoRalie. Our last competition to this point was the California State Championships. It is one of the largest state championships in the nation. There we had our black belt Ms. Makenzie & red belt Aidan win Gold. Sandra, Sydney & Alexia brought home Silver while black belt LoRalie lost a close match to earn bronze along with first timer Kyler. Next up for our team will be Utah State.



Master Bobby Morales receives diploma from Kukkiwon Foreign Master/Instructor course. This course is normally held in Korea. Held for only it's second time in the United States ever, Master Bobby trained exclusively with the Kukkiwon instructors taking his Taekwondo knowledge to new heights and now has first hand knowledge of what Kukkiwon (the headquarters of Taekwondo) expect to be taught in schools throughout the world, today (for there has been many changes). This is a huge honor and not every foreign Taekwond master (outside Korea) has acheived this level.



NEXT BELT TESTING Saturday, April 11, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.

BLACKBELT TESTING Saturday, December 5, 2020 at 1 p.m.