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IE Sparring Rumble


Dear Athletes, Masters/Instructors and family members,

I would like extend my gratitude for your help and support with our RUMBLE in the IE 2017. This is a great opportunity,  for students to participate in unlimited sparring with others that is both a friendly and familiar enviromen our memberst. They can gain a valuable experience by participating. They will be able to see, if competition at an elite level is something that they might like to commit to. Competition is also a great way for our students to challenge themselves and learn to deal with being in a competitive environment. The more they do it the easier it will become and it could help in the future when they go for employment, a promotion, or college. They can reflect on the confidence and winning attitude they needed to succeed. I've always said competition is 90% mental and 10% physical.

This year's RUMBLE in the IE 2017 will be a great opportunity for everyone including our elite athletes because several past and current USA Team members  we will be here. 

This event will help us to invest in more systems for our athletes, so Team Knockout would like to thank everyone for participating. I wish everyone the best and first and foremost have fun with your fellow students and our guest. We want this to be a joyful and memorable experience for all involved.

Thank you, once again and many blessings to you!


Master Bobby Morales




Doors open: At 9:00am 

Rumble Begins: 9:00am

Rumble Ends: 3:00pm 
Participation fee: $35.00 online $45 at the door
Free for observers


Rumble Schedule:

DARGONS, TIGERS & YOUTH (ages 6-11 year olds)

9am - 11am ALL BELTS

CADETS & JUNIORS (ages 12-16 year oldS)

11am - 1pm ALL BELTS

JUNIORS & SENIORS (ages 15 & above)

1pm - 3pm


GUIDELINES: ALL COLOR BELTS regardless of age must wear their belt ranking. This way BLACK BELTS know what level they are going against and can be helpful & respectful to their juniors.  HEADSHOTS will be encouraged, but light contact only. Color belts under 11 will not be allowed head contact. Black belts and those planning to compete as Black belts do not need to wear their belts in order to help designate who's competing with head contact rules. 

Mandatory Equipment: YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT. Sparring equipment needed will be shin & instep protectors, arm protectors, gloves, groin protectors (males only, but females can), mouthpiece, head gear, and chest protector. 

Recovery: We are conveniently located near The Recovery Lab. They offer cryo, compression and massage to help heal minor injuries. 

Food & Drinks: There will be a concession booth which will be provided by our Team Parent Asssociation as a fundraiser and not by Knockout Martial Arts owners or instructors.


After filling out the Registration form below, please go to Paypal and submit your Payment. When paypal returns you to our site, hit the submit button to send us the registration form. Thank You!

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In case of emergency call:

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: I hereby submit this Registration and Release And Waiver of Liability And Indemnity Agreement/form to participate in the IE Sparring Rumble hosted by Knockout Martial Arts & Fitness. I certify that the above information is true and correct and hereby, discharge and waive any and all responsibilty of the Knockout Martial Arts & Fitness Facilty, Stadium Plaza North, Owners, Team Knockout, officers, agents, employees, Instructors, Coaches and other competitors from liability for any injury, including death, and for damage to or loss of property which may be suffered by myself arising out of, or in any way resulting from or attributable in whole or in part to my traveling to, training for, being coached in, using any sports equipment in, or participating in the IE Sparring Rumble. As a competitor, athlete, student or parent/legal gaurdian of the competitor, athlete, student, I give consent to any x-ray exam, medical, chiropractic, dental, or other treatment(s) deemed necessary for the safety and welfare of the participant. i understand that this authorization is given prior to any diagnosis, treatments or hospital care being required, but is given to provide the medical/chiropractic/dental staff authority to render care as deemed advisable. In the case of minor, it is understood that efforts shall be made to contact the undersigned prior to treatment but treatment will not be withheld if the undersigned cannot be reached. I understand that in case of injury, only basic first aid will be made available on site and that I am fully responsible for any and all resulting medical or other expenses.



By checking the agree box you understand and agree to all above




NEXT BELT TESTING Saturday, August 10, 2019 at 10 a.m. (doors open at 10:00 a.m).

BLACKBELT TESTING Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 1 p.m.